What is Parent Teacher Association?

All parents are members of the Parent Teacher Association of the school. The Parent Teacher Association is expected to meet periodically. The aims and objectives of the association are:

  • To bring better understanding of the problems of the pupils, parents, teachers and to help find solutions.
  • To be in close touch with the pupil’s progress, discipline, health and physical education, obedience to teachers, regularity in doing assignments.
  • To arrange meeting, seminars and cultural programmes for improving the relationship between parents, pupils and teachers
  • To raise fund for the specific purpose of pupils’ welfare.
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Mr. Prem Kumar
Vice President
Mrs. Sreelekha.S
Executive Committee Member
Mr. Pradeep
Executive Committee Member
Mrs. Prathima Jithin
Mrs. Chaithra C.S
Mrs. Sreelekha Menon
Executive Committee Member
Mr. Abhilash N,A