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S.B.O.A Public (Sr. Sec.) School, Ernakulam

The school has a rich possession of igniting minds working as a team to make the school numero uno. The teaching faculty-comprising 72 teachers-is highly qualified, updating their knowledge domain continuously, skilled and abreast with day-to-day technological advancements.We have 36 non teaching staff who impart their duties diligently.

The teaching staff undergoes orientation programmes, workshops and seminars for enriching their knowledge base so as to impart quality education.

As our motto says EDUCATE AND ILLUMINATE, the torchbearers of this institution joined the SBOA bandwagon with the sole aim of facilitating the children to evolve themselves into better individuals and become the lamps who illuminate the world, where ignorance disappears and knowledge rules our minds.

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The school appoints eligible staff in the non teaching department who efficiently discharge their duties to the best of the interest of the students.

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