School facilities have always had changing needs. Enrollments fluctuate. New program initiatives are regularly conceived. The relationship between schools and their communities is constantly evolving. Technology has altered the potential and, in some cases, the delivery of education. The School Management practice to identify the needs in terms of isolated functions, which we then seek to optimize in facility design.

The school understands that, Learning is a complex activity that supremely tests students' motivation and physical condition. The facilities of the school also play a vital role to shape a child's learning experience along with Teaching resources, teachers' skill, and curriculum. The school is committed in providing all the best facilities available to the students.

Well Equipped Laboratories

Laboratory techniques are the sum of procedures used on natural sciences such as chemistry, biology, physics in order to conduct an experiment, all of them follow scientific method; while some of them involves the use of complex laboratory equipment from laboratory glassware to electrical devices others require such specific or expensive supplies.

The school has six well equiped labs one each for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and two labs for Computer Science. All the labs pocess all apparatus and equipments for the hand on experience of learning.