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Grand Parent's Day : Every Grandparent has a very important role in a child's growth and his/her prosperity. KG Grandparent's Day was held in the KG Activity room on 08-08-2019. It was an opportunity for the grandparents to show their love for their grandchildren and to help the children to become aware of the strength, information and guidance grandparents can offer. Mrs. Sharadha Ambal (Retd. from Excise Dept.) was the Chief Guest.

Colours Day : Red colour was celebrated in LKG to understand more about the colour.Red colour is considered as the colour of strength,fire, blood, energy and good luck.It is the colour next to orange.To celebrate the day ,children and the teachers were dressed in red clothes.The classrooms were decorated with red things.The little ones were excited and participated to make the apple tree and the angry birds.

Agricultural Endeavour :. On 24th June, 2019 distribution of seeds and there after an awareness program on vegetable gardening was held in the school. The Agricultural officer, Mrs Pushyarajan, the Panchayath ward member, K.G Rajesh and the team from the agricultural department came to school to inspire and guide the children.

News And Events

  • Admissions Open

    Admissions to LKG is open. Few seats are also available to UKG. You can apply online through the link above or contact the school office.
  • Open House

    Open House for the LKG will be conducted on April 12.
  • Summer Camp

    Summer Camp will commence from April 1, 2019
  • Change Maker Award

    S.B.O.A Ernakulam has received the Green School Programme’s “ CHANGE MAKER AWARD “, which is instituted by the Centre for Science and Environment New Delhi.